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1. How do I get to the sample surveys?

There are 4 samples surveys to choose from, one for each type of survey we offer. Type "hrsurvey" for the Comprehensive Survey, "checkup" for the Company Check-up , "newhire" for the New Hire Survey and "exitntvw" fror the Exit Interview Questionnaire.

Note: Each of the passwords shown above has a direct link to the corresponding sample survey. Click on the password to launch the sample survey.

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2. What is a Logon Code?

The Logon Code is an anonymous, unique password that you will need to access your company's employee survey on the internet.

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3. How do I get a Logon Code?

You will obtain your Logon Code from your Human Resources department or via an e-vite from

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4. Is the Logon Code case sensitive?

No. The Logon Code is not case sensitive.

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5. Is there a time limit when filling out the survey?

Yes. At the beginning of the survey you will be given the estimated time to complete the survey and the session 'timeout' value. The timeout value will be set sufficiently long so you normally should not have to worry about this. But you should also be aware of it and plan accordingly. So, please allow enough time for the survey.

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6. Will I be able to change my answers?

Yes. Before pressing the 'submit' button, you may review and change any response. However, once the survey has been submitted, you can no longer change the data.

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7. Why am I getting an error message that my 'code already exists in the database'?

Someone has already entered survey data using the code you entered. Confirm you typed the code correctly. If you still receive this message, please contact your HR department. You will need to turn in your old code so the false data can be purged. It is important to keep your Logon Code confidential.

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8. I entered in my Logon Code correctly. Why do I seem to be stuck on the Survey Logon screen?

Most likely 'cookies' have been disabled. This web application uses Active Server Pages. For this technology to work, cookies must be enabled. The cookie will expire once the session is over. Please enable cookies for the survey; you may disable them again afterwards. If you need help with this setting, please see the following question "How do I enable 'cookies'?".

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9. How do I enable 'cookies'?

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - 1. Click the Tools menu, 2. Select Internet Options, 3. Click on the Privacy tab, 4. Change your Privacy settings to Medium-High or below (Default is Medium). 4. Click OK.
  • Mozilla Firefox - 1. Click the Tools Menu, 2. Select Options, 3. Click on the Privacy tab, 4. Check the box "Accept cookies from sites", 5. Click OK.
  • Google Chrome - 1. Click the Wrench menu, 2. Select Options, 3. Click on the "Under the Hood" tab, 4. Scroll down to "Cookie settings:" and select "Allow all cookies", 5. Click Close.
  • Apple Safari - 1. Click on the general Safari settings menu, 2. Select Preferences..., 3. Click on Security, 4. In the "Accept cookies:" section, select "Always".

Note: You may have to close and reopen your browser to have the changes take effect.

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10. What does the "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'" error mean?

The most likely problem is 'cookies' have been disabled. See answers to questions 8 and 9.

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11. Will there be any repercussions if I do not want to take the survey?

No. The survey is strictly confidential. No one knows who completed the survey or who did not.

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12. Will we ever be given the results?

Yes. There will either be feedback sessions, an employee newsletter or other types of communication processes that will provide a summary of the results.

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13. Is this survey confidential?

Yes. An outside consulting firm was engaged to ensure complete confidentiality.

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14. What's in it for me as an employee?

The survey provides employees with the opportunity to let their company know what is working well for them personally and what they think needs to be improved. Each person can use this information to engage in a dialogue with his or her supervisor or manager on identifying ways to improve the workplace.

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15. Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the survey?

Contact the Human Resources department.

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