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"Working with the team at Innovative HR Solutions since 2011 on our annual employee engagement survey has been a wonderful experience. The team of professionals are supportive, client-focused and very responsive. We were able to customize our employee survey to make it an excellent tool to evaluate employee satisfaction and engagement. Along with excellent analysis, quality reporting and honest assessment Innovative HR Solutions explained and summarized our results so we could take action on our challenges and celebrate our successes. I have personally referred IHRS to several colleagues who have indicated a similar high quality experience working with this seasoned firm. Thanks for helping make our survey such a success and a part of our culture."

Tom Fitzgerald

SVP, Human Resources

WaveDivision Holdings, LLC

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"In 2016, we did our first employee survey and we were very happy with how great it was to work with Innovative HR Solutions. You made the process so easy and explained everything very clearly. When we received our report, it was easy to read and understand and the areas that we needed to work on were clearly identified. I made it my personal mission to make sure that we addressed the areas of improvement that were noted. Nothing happens overnight, but we started making changes and we improved our scores in 2017. Some of these changes included modifications to the medical plan and more communication regarding where we are headed as a municipality. It was a pleasure working with the firm because they are so encouraging and have great ideas that have really helped our organization."

Stephanie L. Masse

Human Resources Director

City of Caņon City

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"The flexibility and ingenuity of the Innovative HR Solutions Employee Survey product is unparalleled in the industry.  With completely customizable options and features, I was able to present staff with a confidential survey that was tailor made for our organization.  Innovative HR Solutions has partnered with my organization for the past six years with exceptional results.  I'm continuously impressed with the professionalism I've experienced, not to mention the quality of their services.  I value their consulting experience, and I highly recommend Innovative HR Solutions."

R. Scott Fortner

Chief Administrative Officer

Central Coast Alliance for Health

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"Through Innovative HR Solution's incredible level of customer-service and rapid responses, our City was able to develop and administer an excellent Employee Survey, which had an astonishing feedback rate of 89%. Innovative HR Solutions worked to meet our City's needs, provided us the tools and instruction we needed to conduct a successful survey, and customized our reports to find the areas we need to improve our organization and provide high quality customer satisfaction. We truly value their insight, experience, and expertise with the Employee Survey!"

Cheryl Ann Mattia

Director of Human Resources

City of Yakima

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"Innovative HR Solutions was a tremendous help to us in developing our employee survey.  They took the time to thoroughly understand our objectives and worked with us to develop a customized product to achieve them.  This was our first experience with an on-line survey and IHRS was very patient and helpful in guiding us through the process.  IHRS demonstrated their flexibility and customer orientation throughout the process and I would certainly recommend them for consideration when planning an employee survey."

Brenda Reimche

VP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Swinerton Incorporated

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"We evaluated various options for conducting employee surveys and focused on product, process and price.  Innovative HR Solutions delivered on all three.  Add to that their attention to customer service and responsiveness to our particular needs in terms of language, delivery systems, presentation of results, etc.  We expect to do a survey annually and plan to use IHRS.  If you’re looking for an excellent and affordable survey provider, I definitely recommend starting with IHRS."

Sylvia Zelnys

Human Resources Manager (Retired)

City of Cathedral City, CA

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"We've been working with Innovative HR Solutions since 2002.  Our bi-annual Employee Survey has proven to be a very valuable tool in measuring our employee engagement.  We are able to reach employees in three countries in four languages in a seasonal business with 17 locations and they make it seem easy!  Reliability, flexibility and credibility are what they bring to the table.  Our survey results have continued to improve and part of this positive change is attributed to their help in the action planning process.  They are a great vendor and I highly recommend them."

Janet Heien

Director of Growing Great People (Retired)

Driscoll's Strawberry Associates, Inc.

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"My experience in working with the team at Innovative HR Solutions is that you are continuously client-focused and highly responsive.  We were able to customize our survey to make it an excellent tool for management.  Thanks to your flexibility in working with our busy HR schedules our survey was administered on schedule and on budget.  Along with excellent analysis and high quality reporting you explained and summarized our results so we could understand our successes and challenges.  Your work is of the highest level of accuracy and professionalism and you are just a joy to work with.  Thanks for helping make our survey such a success."

Ken Boehm

VP, Human Resources



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