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Small firm helps big corporations manage their employee relations

The Public Record - VOLUME 37 — EDITION #29

What do major firms like AAA Life Insurance, Samsung Electronics, Royal Caribbean and the Hallmark Channel all have in common? They're just a few of the clients who rely on a small, research firm in Rancho Mirage to help them manage and improve employee relations. (Read more...)


Listening to the New Kids on the Block

Human Resource Executive - March/April 2011

Newly hired employees can be your best resource for improving the onboarding process.

When organizations want to evaluate their onboarding processes, most will turn to their highly experienced HR personnel. But a few are seeking to complement those professional assessments with information gleaned from far-less-senior sources: the new hires themselves.  (Read more...)

Can an Employee Survey Help in a Down Economy?

HR Voices - Summer 2009

Today's challenging economy is forcing many organizations to scrutinize their budgets and, in some cases, downsize their workforce. When a reduction in force occurs the employees that remain often feel guilty, are less motivated to perform, experience limited career prospects and are concerned about their financial future. How can management keep these employees engaged to improve the chances for the future success of the company?  (Read more...)

Collecting Feedback

HR Magazine Vol. 52 No. 100

Some employers are using online surveys to measure employee satisfaction and enhance employee engagement.

Kolby Ivanhoe, senior human resources specialist at Abilene, Texas-based Hendrick Health System -- which includes a hospital, insurance company and retirement center -- was willing to jump through hoops to get employees excited about the company's web-based employee engagement survey.  (Read more...)

HR Outsourcing- Business Review

The Desert Sun Newspaper

Richard Sherwood’s Cathedral City-based Innovative HR Solutions helps big and small companies across the country gauge how their employees are feeling and what they’re thinking.  (Read more...)

The Consultant's Toolkit

HR West Magazine Vol.2 Issue 6

While many HR practices are difficult to quantify, most managers realize there's a direct connection between employee satisfaction and productivity. If employees are the primary focus of any manager's quest for increased productivity, shouldn't they play a role in determining the best workplace solutions?  (Read more...)

Employee Opinion Surveys - Valuable Management Tool

Strategies & News - Human Capital Vol.2 No.3

As the economy continues to falter more HR professionals are considering the “consulting option.” With little job security – or worse, no job at all – HR executives are finding themselves with much to offer by way of management talent  and HR experience. Tired of putting their professional resources in the hands of others to use for their own corporate benefit, a special breed of entrepreneurs are using their intellectual capital to go it on their own.  (Read more...)

On the Books

Business Advisor - Strategies & Solutions for Small Businesses

The image of a thick, dust-veiled binder confined to the corner of a desk or the enclosure of a drawer may dissuade small business owners from investing in employee handbooks. With the ever-present threat of litigation, however, experts advise that small business owners reconsider.  (Read more...)

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